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Test Takers

Suwon Festival Weekend


I luckily was able to wake up for the Suwon festival.  JJ and I stayed up late on Friday night drinking coffee and talking about Paris and our roadtrip.  I have been looking forward to the festival for a month or so now and almost pulled an all nighter, so that I would be up to be able to take pictures of the civil service exam at the fortress at 10:30.  I went to bed around 5 and woke up about 7:30.  I think I ran off of adrenalin all day.  I took the bus to Suwon and as soon as I arrived at the fortress I saw a familiar face.  I realized that a member of the Flickr in Seoul group was waiting on the exam to start as well. I had seen Derek’s work before, but had never met him.    He is a super nice guy and an awesome photographer.  You can check out some of his photography here.  This is the first time that I have really shot photos with some one who was really full of knowledge that they were willing to share.  We ending up shooting together till about 4 when I was plan wore out.  Derek, if you read this, I owe you lunch for all the knowledge today!

The festival was awesome and I will post more about it later. I just started processing the photos and look forward to trying out some new photoshop actions on them.  Here are a couple of shots from the day.

Test Takers

Test Takers

Bellydancers at the Fortress

Bellydancers at the Fortress

Seoul Cosplay

Cosplay Photography| Seoul, South Korea


I attended this festival a few months ago in Seoul.  I have started to go back and reprocess some of the images.    I am trying some of the new actions for Photoshop that I downloaded recently.   I actually have a hard-drive full of images that I want to go back and reprocess.  This festival is held every couple of months and is usually held at the A.T. Center near Gangnam.  There are always tons of photographers and a little crowded, but it is still a good time.

Seoul Cosplay






More Photoshop Actions! Free


After downloading some samples from Totally Rad Photoshop actions, I decided to try out some of the free actions that I linked to before.  I got all of these actions from a post on Design M.AG. Most of these came from Deviant Art sites.  I have included the creator’s name and the download information.  I used the same format as before and didn’t change anything with the action.  I only added an unsharpen mask filter with the settings of 150-1-10.


Retro Action was created by MarissaXXX and can be downloaded here.


Photo ColorII was created by Iconmaker 91 and can be downloaded here.

Diabolic was created by   davidnanchin and can be downloaded here.


SA Cool Effects was created by SA Cool and can be downloaded from here.

Dazzling Effects was created by Dazzling-textures and can be downloaded here.



Dazzling Effects was created by Dazzling-textures and can be downloaded here.




Dazzling-textures also created Dazzle Effects 4 and can be downloaded here.

The next batch of actions named Retro Vintage  were created by Rocket Launch they can be downloaded here.



You can check out my first post on Photoshop actions here. Hopefully I will update the list as I come across more and more actions to download.



Totally Rad Photoshop Actions Freebies and More


I signed up for a demo of the Photoshop action pack from Totally Rad. You can fill out the form for the sample actions here.   I tried about 5 of them and honestly this is really my first time to use actions that are this complex.  I really didn’t do anything else to the photos besides an unsharpen mask filter at 150-1-10.  I ran the same settings on all the actions and didn’t touch the opacity on any of them.  This may not have been the best image to try them out on, but I think some of the results came out pretty nice.  I also must admit that a couple of them would not work on my computer.  I am waiting till I get back to the states before buying a new computer and didn’t have enough RAM to run them. (How pathetic is that?)




After running the image through these free actions, I am pretty sure that I will be purchasing the full set when I get home.  I also really need to study up on image processing in Photoshop.  I also really need to spend the time to work on some of my own custom made actions.

If you are looking for actions, here is a list of some other companies/photographers that offer actions for sale or sometimes free. I will using this list to decide what actions I will use.  I hope this  post will continue to grow.  If you have any actions that you use or suggest, please feel free to add them in the comments sections and I will add them to the list.

Kubota- Seems to be pretty expensive, but they also have some cheaper options available.

Jibz Actions 4 Photographers-39 dollars for their portrait actions.

Itty Bitty Action Sets Sweet Set- 50 actions for 99 dollars. They have a few more sets avaiable as well and you can get all their packages for 199 dollars.

Davis Tool Actions-16 major actions and 9 micro actions for 75 dollars. I didn’t look at this one too intently.  I think that you may have to use their action software as well.

Photoshop Actions- A bunch of free actions that you might find useful.

1-Click Actions- 39 dollars

60 Photoshop actions- Free, from Design M.AG.  I am going to be using a bunch of these. Most of these are hosted on Deviant Art and are free to download.

Photography BB actions- Some are free others are priced pretty cheap.

Graphic Mania- The Big Collection of  Amazing Photoshop Actions.  All are free.

Naldz Graphics-60 Useful Photoshop Actions

Graphic Design Pro- A few actions and a tutorial

Web Design- 50 Time Saving Photoshop Actions for Enhancing Photographs

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions from manicho. Free to download!

20+ Photoshop Actions. Free

30 Photoshop Actions for Touch-Ups and Enhancements.  Free

Many of these come from Design M.AG. Give their site a visit. There are tons of useful tips and tricks.

30 more actions from Design Free

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